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“The Rural”, as Edinvillie WRI is familiarly known, meets in Edinvillie Hall at 7.30 pm on the third Wednesday of the month from September until June. Edinvillie is a thriving Institute which takes in members from Aberlour and Craigellachie as well as the Edinvillie area.

Visitors and new members are assured of a warm welcome. Our meetings cover a wide variety of topics as can be seen from the current year’s syllabus. At each meeting there is an opportunity to enter two competitions which can range from baking and handcrafts to poetry and memorabilia. We also have a raffle to raise funds. Our members take part in handcraft days run by Banffshire Federation and we also have Bowling, (indoor and outdoor), Golf and Curling teams.


Meetings in Edinvillie Hall at 7.30pm
Subscription £17 by end of September
Visitors £3

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Every year the committee chooses two Charities to support and the proceeds from our "Scots Night", which is held every March, are donated to these. Last year we donated £250 to Edinvillie Community Hall Council and the same amount to Alzheimers Scotland.
This year our chosen charities are Maggies and Parkinson's.

The first Women’s Institute in Scotland was founded in 1917 and the first meeting of the Edinvillie Institute was held on 19th December 1930.

Mrs Esther Fraser

Mrs Esther Fraser was one of our keen members of Edinvillie SWRI, rarely missing a meeting.  She was a beautiful knitter and wonderful baker and will be fondly remembered by us all.

Miss Elsie Forsyth, who was a founder member of Edinvillie WRI died on 27th February 2013 at the age of 97. Elsie was a much loved and respected member of the “Rural” and she continued to attend regularly until last year.
A letter by Elsie, published in the “Scottish Home and Country” in April 2006, tells of the early days of “the Rural” in Edinvillie.

I Remember, I Remember
When Edinvillie WRI was born over seventy five years ago, my mother and I were among the first members. Just having left school, at first I joined mostly to keep my mother company on the walk of about a mile from our farm at the foot of Ben Rinnes to the Edinvillie School. In those days there were few cars and no battery powered torches to light our path, only the “man in the moon” for illumination. That’s why the third Wednesday in the month was chosen – to increase our chances of finding our way! The meetings were held in the school and lit by paraffin lamps. A paraffin cooker was bought and Edinvillie Rural was born. Members came from neighbouring farms and from the workers’ houses at the nearby Ben Rinnes Distillery. The “sub” was 2/6 (12 1/2p) and each member brought a cup and a cake.
Talks from doctors, ministers and teachers were enjoyed and cooks from “big houses” demonstrated. Dances and two whist drives were held every year to raise funds. Sales of sixpenny (and sometimes shilling) parcels were held at some meetings – raffles had yet to be invented! Practising half hour sketches was great fun and we often entertained visiting Rurals. Now, of course, we all roll up in cars from far and near to meet in a modern hall with all mod cons – such luxury!

Elsie J Forsyth
Edinvillie WRI
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