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We have put together a selection of games for you to enjoy
The games will open in a new window, when you have finished playing just click the close button on the page
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Mind Reader
This is very strange! Can it actually read your mind?
But make sure that your maths is up to scratch!
Click HERE
Random Lottery Number Generator
Do you play the National Lottery?
Do you ever get stuck chosing numbers? Try our generator
Click HERE
Tower of Hanoi
See if you can solve the multi level stacking tower game
Can you solve the levels in the minimum number of moves
Click HERE
Can you can beat the machine at this classic game
There are three levels to choose from, try your hand at them all
Click HERE
Reflex Tester
How fast are your reflexes?
Are you as fast as you think you are?
Click HERE
A clever take on the classic game of ping pong
See how good your mouse control and reactions are
Click HERE
Crosssbrowser Snake
Another old classic
Just don't hit the wall
Click HERE
Sticky Tetris
Try your hand at this shape shifting game
full instruction with the game
Click HERE

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All games courtesy of Dynamic Drive DHTML Scripts  
Dynamic Drive DHTML Scripts

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