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Edinvillie Amateur Dramatic Club Edinvillie Amateur Dramatic Club

The local Drama Club started in the early part of the 20th Century, around 1922. It vanished for a short period over the war years and then reappeared in the 1950's. The Drama Club performed throughout the 1960's and into the early 70's.

The Drama Club re-formed in 1985 by enthusiastic parents & teenagers who had performed many shows & nativity plays at Edinvillie School. They started with one-act plays in the Hall but soon progressed to three-act productions on tour at up to six other venues in the surrounding district in March each year during which their fame became widespread.

The Club ran from 1985 with only a one year break until 2001. During this period of sixteen years 21 plays were performed, raising thousands of pounds for charities and Hall funds doing what they and others enjoyed. These plays were performed all over the North East of Scotland from Tomintoul to Buckie.

The club performed plays which were set mostly in Fife & written by Joe Corrie, T.M.Watson, Donald Maclaren & George S. Carruthers amongst others.
Madge Gordon Croft on the Beatshach

Plays included -
A Plumber & A Man
The Tinkers' Road
Beneath The Wee Red Lums
When The Mavis Sings
Johnny Jouk Gibbet "S" for Sugar
The Piper o' Kinlowrie
Trouble Brewing
Kye Among The Corn
All the plays were performed in Doric.

On stage in Edinvillie The Amateur Dramatic Club reformed for three special performances to mark the 50th Anniversary of the opening of the Edinvillie Community Hall, two performances in Edinvillie Hall, Friday March 18th and Saturday 19th 2011 with proceeds going to Hall funds. and a one-off performance in Elgin with proceeds going to cancer charities. You can view the slideshow gallery of their performance in Edinvillie by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.
Dramatic Club in the Press 1985 - 2011
1985 press 1985 »
Performances of 'Trouble Brewing' & 'A Plumber and A Man'

1989 press 1989 »
Performances of 'When The Mavis Sings'

1991 press 1991 »
Performance of 'The Tinkers Road'

1993 press 1993 »
Performance of 'The Spent Match'

1996 press 1996 »
Performances of 'The Shillin a Week Man' & 'Trouble Brewing'

1998 press 1998 »
Drama Club takes a year out

2000 press 2000 »
Performance of 'Who Shot the Pianist?'

2011 press 2011 »
Performance of 'When The Mavis Sings'

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1987 press 1987 »
Performance of 'Kye Amang The Corn'

1990 press 1990 »
Performance of 'Burnieknowe'

1992 press 1992 »
Performance of 'Cobbler's Luck'

1994 press 1994 »
Performance of 'Beneath the Wee Red Lums'

1997 press 1997 »
Performance of 'Community Centre'

1999 press 1999 »
Performance of 'The Domestic Dictator'

2001 press 2001 »
Performances of 'The New Hall' and 'A Bride For Heatherhill'

2011 Slideshow 2011 »
Slideshow of 'When The Mavis Sings'
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